Småland Museum and Swedish Glass Museum, two museums in one house


The following exhibitions are currently on show at Småland Museum:

Yngve Räv - the Painter 
March 19 - September 11, 2016
Yngve Reinhold Johansson, known as Yngve Räv, worked as a painter by trade but he also painted canvases. Paintings of a now long-gone Växjö. For the first time ever, some 150 paintings by Yngve Räv have been brought together in an effort to tell his story. To help us do this, we have relatives and around 50 stories from people who still own paintings by Yngve which they have generously loaned for the exhibition. Yngve Reinhold Johansson was born in 1912 and died in 1989.

Januari 30 - August 2, 2016
Loranga! Loranga! transforms Smålands Museum into a  playful world in the name of Barbro Lindgren. Here you can play, read, learn and just breath for a while.
As a visitor, you are invited to exploration of a universe that so many have come to know through books about Loranga, gorillas, Benny the pig and The wild baby. It becomes an interactive journey of discovery through the imaginative landscape that is so strongly associated with Barbro Lindgren.
To consider before your visit in Loranga, Loranga:
We are incredibly happy that there are so many who want to come and see the exhibition. Here are some things that are good to keep in mind before you visit Loranga! Loranga!
-There is great interest in the exhibition, it means that there may be a little queue, we take in a maximum of 50 people at a time in the exhibition.
-In the exhibition parents / guardians are responsible for their children.
-If you come with larger groups of children, we recommend a period of about 45 minutes to get to see the whole exhibition.
Don’t miss our permanent exhibitions:
Attic of Memories—Kronoberg County’s Citizens in the 1900’s
Småland Museum built its own attic—The Attic of Memories—and filled it with objects which reflect the county’s citizens’ own 20th century. In an exciting environment with unusual light and sound effects, visitors encounter known and unknown objects that evoke memories and spur the imagination.
On the Way in 19th Century Kronoberg:
Småland Museum, the country’s oldest provincial museum, was founded in the 1800’s. The museum’s halls and storage facilities have, with the passage of time, been filled with traces of the past.
Glimpses From Antiquity:
This exhibition depicts prehistory using models and finds from the county. Here you can, among other things, look into a cist and a Bronze Age house, feel cup and ring marks and rune stones, as well as see grave finds and a Viking sword.
Part of the exhibition also shows a skillfully made replica of Ötzi the Iceman and his equipment.

Coin Cabinet:
The coin cabinet in Småland Museum was instituted in 1792 and promoted during its early years by Bishop Olof Wallquist. Today the coin cabinet contains about 40,000 objects and is adjacent to an extensive numismatic library.

Smålands Museum

Established in 1867, Smålands museum is Sweden’s oldest county museum. Its permanent exhibitions
include objects and historical items of regional affiliation from the Stone Age and later. In addition, the museum displays temporary exhibitions featuring highly topical themes. There is also an archeological section and a section concerning preservation of old buildings.

The museum is located in the centre
of Växjö in Småland.
Södra Järnvägsgatan 2
35234 Växjö

Box 102
351 04 Växjö

Adults 80 SEK
Students 40 SEK
Group (10 Persons) 40 SEK
Children up to 19 years free entrance

E-Mail: info(@)
Telephone: +46470-704200

Restaurant at Smålands Museum: Izakaya Moshi

An izakaya is a Japanese pub or "drop in". They can be luxurious or simple but the well-prepared side dish is always in the center, with inspiration from Japan of course, but also from Vietnam, Korea and China. 
At lunch they serve dumplings, noodle soup and salads. 
The evening menu allows selection of dishes like rice paper rolls, dumplings and experimental sushi. 
You can order just a little bit, or a whole menu. 
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