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The Centre for Cultural Heritage

Restaurering på Kulturarvscentrum Småland

To collect, care and preserve. At Kulturarvscentrum Småland, Kulturparken Småland collaborates with Växjö Municipal Archives and Museiarkeologi Sydost. The collections and archives of Småland Museum and the Kronoberg Archives and an extensive research library are cared for, preserved and made available here.

Our basic mission to care for, preserve and make the collections available is fulfilled through professional handling, storage in suitable premises and a well-functioning conservation studio.

Kulturarvscentrum Småland also engage in public activities such as research services, guided tours of the open magazines or in the conservation studio. At Kulturarvscentrum we also have educational activities in a specially adapted workshop.

Visiting address

Sandvägen 15, 352 45 Växjö

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