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The Swedish Glass Museum in Växjö, Sweden, presents a unique combination of glass, glass art, history and culture. The museum takes the visitor on a deep dive into the history of the Swedish glass. Through different perspectives and themes the visitor is taken on a journey through what has been and what´s to come.

The Swedish Glass Museum shows the development of Swedish glass – from ancient times to today’s incomparable studio glass. The museum’s permanent exhibitions are regularly supplemented with temporary exhibitions that often focus on individual national or international designers, on special glassworks or exciting techniques.

The swedish go-to place for glass

Since the Swedish Glass Museum opened, it has been an obvious place for national and international visitors who want to take part in, learn about and immerse themselves in the history of Swedish glass. It is also an arena for the artists who have chosen to express themselves in glass in various ways. Many of the real legends in the world of glass and glass art are today represented at the museum.

Through generous donations and recurring purchases, the exhibitions and collections are continuously replenished with new and interesting glass. In the most recent inventory, it appeared that the Swedish Glass Museum has more than 45,000 objects in its collections. Some are on display at the museum, but the majority of the collection is kept in the museum’s open warehouse The Centre for Cultural Heritage.

Artists represented at Sweden’s Museum of Glass include Åsa Brandt, Ernst Billgren, Zandra Ahl, Åsa Jungnelius, Ulla Forsell, Hanna Ljungström and Per B. Sundberg.

Visiting address

The Swedish Glass Museum, Södra Järnvägsgatan 2, 352 29 Växjö, Sweden

Current exhibitions

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